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Kotayk Marz (Region)

Kotayk Marz (region) is located in the central part of Armenia. This is the only region of the Republic of Armenia, which does not border to any other state. The region borders with the regions (Marz) of Tavush, Gegharkunik, Lori, Aragatsotn and Ararat and the capital city of Yerevan.

Monuments ....


According to the Armenian fibula, when the Armenian King Ara the Beautiful fell down in the battlefield Semiramis ordered to bring Ara’s body to her. And as, it had so happened that none of the Assyrian soldiers had seen Ara before, except for her, they brought the bodies of all the dead brave soldiers and told her to take the bodies and to scrutinize (which sounds in Armenian Ar, znni from here comes the name)… And according to the legend Semiramis tried to revive Ara by healing waters of Arzni.

The Gorge of Garni

Garni is famous to the world not only with the pagan temple, but also with its marvelous nature and Symphony of Stones...


Many famous experts consider this giant cave complex to be the eighth wonder of the world. Geghardavank is a multilevel complex. Here you will find ancient pagan monuments, which were built in ancient period, as well as marvelous structures of developed Middle Ages.

Havuts Tar

There was a pagan temple in pre-Christian Armenia. Taking into consideration the fact that Havuts Tar prided with being a center of writing manuscripts in the early Middle Ages, there probably was a temple to the god Tir (the god of writing, knowledge, and defender of science in Armenian mythology).


The Garni temple is the only pagan temple preserved in the former Soviet Union territory. The temple is nearly 5000 years old. In its current form it was built in 78 AD by the Armenian King Tiridates I Arshakouni.


Nature, history and architecture are in such harmony in Bjni that one will get inimitable experience visiting this ancient settlement…


In the city of Tsahkadzor one can not just spend his vacation all months of the year but can also admire the Monastic complex of Kecharis, which is one of the most significant spiritual, cultural and scientific centers of the medieval Armenia.