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The first stop is SAGHMOSAVANK. It is located in the valley of the picturesque Kasakh Gorge. On the walls and around of this 13th century gorgeous church you can see the God Vahagn’s temple footprints built in the pagan times.


From SAGHMOSAVANK we will move to the LETTER GARDEN. This is a new monument which was built a decade ago, but it very quickly became one of the most favorite places of locals and the tourists around the world. It is devoted to the modern alphabet of Armenian Language created by St. Mesrop Mashtots in 405. Here, besides the letters of the Armenian Alphabet, you can also see the statues of medieval Armenian great thinkers.


From the Alphabet Garden the next stop is AMBERD. This spectacular high mountainous castle of the Aragatsotn region which is on the outskirts of the Aragats mountain. It still has not lost its attractiveness. In AMBERD there was a castle back in the old days and the present Castle was built in the 7th century. And today it with its impregnable appearance and attraction causes chills… Besides AMBERD Castle you can see the castle of Armenian Kamsar Rulers and a church built in 1026.

Lunch and Dinner are planned to be in Yerevan.

The overnight stay will be at the hotel, Yerevan.



A City Tour in Yerevan, then breakfast in the hotel.

At first, we are going to visit Armavir Marz, the capital city of Vagharshapat, Holy Ejmiatsin, the first church of the world built in 301-303. Then we will visit the Holy Hripsime Church. On the way back we will stop at a ruined Zvartnots temple, one of the glorious structures of the world built in the 7th century. Zvartnots temple was the highest building in the world with about 50m height. Though it is ruined, but it still gives a great pleasure to its visitors.

In Yerevan we will visit the History Museum of Armenia, which has one of the best collections in the world. The Next stop is Matenadaran which is the Vault Museum of all the ancient manuscripts. Nowadays we can find ten thousand of manuscripts in the ancient languages of the world, which ages back to 1.5 thousand years and more.

Lunch and dinner are planned in the restaurant.

The overnight stay will be at the hotel, Yerevan.



Breakfast is planned at the hotel.

The first stop is KOR VIRAP. It is the pan Christian Holy place. It is located in the ancient area of the Armenian Capital Artashat. This 4th century church was built on the place of the torture-chamber, where was locked The First Armenian Catholicos, Grigor Aluminum for 13 years. Visiting Khor Virap, you will not only have the chance to see the torture-chamber, but also see the Biblical Holy Mountain Masis, which is visible right from Khor Virap.

Then we will visit Areni wine factory for wine tasting. A few years ago, right in Areni, a group of international archeologists discovered the world’s oldest winepress.

After Areni the next stop will be at NORAVANK monastery complex built in the 13th century. It is a masterpiece of medieval Armenian architecture. Many unexpected surprises are waiting for you in Noravank.

At the end we will visit STONEHANGE, which is the world’s oldest and ancient observatory backing 7000 years. The Megalithic period observatory is the best all over the world and larger than the famous British Stonehenge. The Stonehenge was the mother of astrology and chronology. And still today it delights its visitors.

Lunch is planned to be at Noravank restaurant and dinner at Goris Hotel.

The overnight stay will be at Goris Hotel.



Breakfast will be at Goris hotel.

We will do a City Tour around Goris. The first stop is near the historical Halidzor village from where we will take the world’s longest mountain railway to Tatev monastery. It is one of the spiritual and cultural centers of medieval Armenia. It stands out for its magnificent architecture and harmony with beautiful nature.

Then we will drive to Gegharkunik Marz through the Selim ghat. On the way we will stop by the 14th century caravanserai.

Then we will visit Noratus cemetery. There you will see hundreds of medieval crosses. After that we will drive to see the 9th century church Hayravank, built on the beach of Lake Sevan. We will take a short walk on the beach, then we will visit city Sevan.

We will have lunch at the restaurant on the way to Vayots Dzor-Gegharkunik region. Dinner will be at the restaurant in Sevan.

The overnight stay will be at the hotel in city Sevan.



Breakfast will be at the hotel.

In the morning we will visit the 9th century Sevanavank, which is located on Sevan peninsula, and then we will continue our tour to the North. In the Tavush region, we will visit HAGHARTSIN monastery. Then we will visit Lori marz, where we will see Aghtala Castle and the monastery. In Armenia this 10th century castle is one of the best preserved. And in the 12th century Aghtala church are still preserved the biggest pieces of the monumental wall-painting with around 960 meter square area. Unexpected surprises are waiting for you in Aghtala …

At the end of the day we will visit the 10th century HAGHPATAVANK, which is one of the masterpieces of Armenian architecture and is included in the list of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

Lunch is planned to be in Alaverdy, dinner at the hotel.

The overnight stay will be at Haghpat village hotel.



Breakfast will be at the hotel.

In the morning we will visit SANAHIN Monastery built in the10th century, which is one of the medieval Armenian spiritual and cultural centers and is included in the list of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

Then we will visit a Lori fortress city which was built in the 10th century and for a long time it was one of the most important protective structures in Armenia. 

From there we will move to STEPANAVAN BOTANICAL GARDEN which is one of the best in the region.

We will be in Yerevan in the evening.

Lunch will be in Stepanavan, dinner will be in Yerevan.

The overnight stay will be at the hotel in Yerevan.



Breakfast will be at the hotel.

We will visit GARNI PEGAN TEMPLE which is the only one reserved among the former Soviet Union Republics. We will learn more about the Armenian Arian religion, the history of Garni, the architecture of Garni Temple, Azat Canyon where is located a glorious monument of the nature called the Stone Symphony.


Then we will visit the rocky GEGHARD Monastery built in the 12-13th centuries. Many experts consider it the eight wonder of the world, and it is included in the list of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. 

Lunch will be in GARNI, dinner will be in Yerevan.

Price. 1 person- 850 $.

           2 person- 800 $

           3 and more person  750 $

The price included: hotel, transport, guide, tickets, brackfost.