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Gegharkunik Marz (Region)

Gegharkunik Marz (region) is the largest region of Armenia. Its area is 5,348 square kilometers, 1,270 square kilometers of which covers an area of Lake Sevan. The region is located at an altitude of 1600-3597 meters above sea level.

Monuments ....


The monastery, which was built on the place of the temple of the goddess Tsovinar was a witness of the Armenian history. One of the unique masterpieces of Armenian stone craft, the khachkar (cross-stone) "Amenaprkich” (Savior) is located there. Khachkars like this preserved in Armenia are only four in number.


The monastery of Hayravank is also known as Mardagavnyats (pigeon-man), which is connected with a beautiful legend, according to which in 1381, during the invasion of Tamerlane, Hovhan, the abbot of Hayravank, with the relics of wooden cross of Christ, by the power of the cross has transformed thousands of Armenians, captivated by the tyrant, in pigeons and liberated them ...

Noratus khachkars

The art of sculpturing khachkars (cross-stones) is one of the visiting cards of Armenia. Noratus is the world's largest complex of khachkars (cross-stones). About 800 khachkars of the 9th-17th centuries are preserved here. But as a settlement Noratus has been known since the early Bronze Age, which evidences the items discovered during the archaeological excavations.

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is the world's second upland lake after South American lake Titicaca, and the biggest reservoir of sweet water in the Middle East. Besides the fact that the lake Sevan is the perfect place for recreation, it is also rich in historical, cultural and natural monuments...