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Khorovats (barbeque) is the first human made delicacy. In this sense it is a universal dish. But for the Armenians it has a ritual meaning. Khoravats is the most loved dish, and as a rule it is served to the honorable guests. In the Northern region of Armenia, inAghtala, every year in September there is a regional Khorovats festival. Our participants are cooks from well- known restaurants,besides we have visitors from Russia, Georgia and Greece.
As a result of the past festival we have many khorovats (barbeque) recipes represented by the cooks. There is a Barbeque cookery book representingmany recipes and is translated into three languages -Armenian, Russian and English.
If you have planned to visit Armenia this September by Tir-Ar organization, you will have the opportunity to take part in the Regional Khorovats Festival, not just to be a visitor.
You will be provided with a manghal (where khorovats is prepared), the raw meat and the rest of the ingredients. And you will have the opportunity to compete with the famous cooks of Armenia, by using your cooking skills and knowledge.
You will be impressed by the beauty of our country’s fall season and also will be able to show your cooking skills and get many presents from Armenia.