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Ararat Marz (Region) ....

Ararat Marz (region) is located in the south-western part of Armenia. It borders with Turkey in the west, Nakhchivan in the south, Vayots Dzor Marz (region) in the south-east and Kotayk Marz (region) in the north.

The total area of the region (marz) is 2,096 square kilometers. The population is 278 thousand people. The Marz (region) of Ararat consists of 97 settlements, of which 3 are considered urban. Artashat, Ararat, Masis and Vedi are the cities of the region.

The administrative center (capital) is the city of Artashat, which is located 30 km far from Yerevan.

Assyrians, Yazidis, Kurds, Russian and Greek live here of national minorities.

The highway Yerevan-Goris-Stepanakert passes through the Ararat Marz (region).

The rivers Metsamor, Hrazdan, Azat and Vedi flow through the territory of the Marz (region) of Ararat .

The ruins of the capital cities of Artashat and Dvin and the monastic complex Khor Virap, which is one of the important shrines of the Armenian people, are located here. The world's most ancient reserve – the Khosrov Reserve is also located in the Ararat Marz (region).