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Armenian cuisine

Armenian cuisine is diverse and varied. The nature of Armenia is rich in flora and fauna, by which the variety of dishes of the Armenian cuisine is conditioned. According to many investigators, the Armenian cuisine acted as a donor for the eastern nations’ cuisines. The peculiarity of Armenian cuisine is that the same dishes have different tastes and compositions in different provinces, due to the geographical location. In general, the Armenian nation have both ritual and everyday cuisine. If the latest includes everyday dishes, the ritual one is unique and original. Each national holiday has its peculiar dishes. The diversity of cuisine just excludes the repetition of those dishes. In the past, the Armenians even had a regulated system of food, which means that each day of the year had its own regulated menu. Today the Armenian cuisine is famous to the world for its lavash, different dishes made of corns, barbecue, tolma, harisa, khash, matsoun, tan, wine, fruit vodkas, cognac… In general, Armenians were the first who preserved food. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors subjected products to heat treatment and sealed food jars, like ghaurma. Armenia is the land of wine making and brewing. Even today in Armenian villages, many dishes and tipples are made in old traditional ways. The Armenian cuisine is notable for its diversity and balance. There are many kinds of salads, appetizers and soups. Both meat and vegetable dishes are on the same balance in the Armenian cuisine. Armenians are the only nation in the world that in their mythology had a God of hospitality, Vanatour. That is why our nation is famous to the world for its hospitality and abundant tables laid for treatment. Nowadays guests can see both traditional dishes and modern treatments of cooks in Armenian restaurants and villages. The Armenians also have a special culture for eating, which was formed during thousands of years and passed from one generation to the other. Every year “Culinary holidays” are held in Armenia. Especially huge events and festivals are organized during almost every national holiday. The festival of barbecue held in the city of Akhtala of the Lori Marz (region), the festival of tolma in Sardarapat memorial of the Armavir Marz (region), Navasard-Tonraton (holiday of tonir) in the village of Tsakhunk of the Gegharkhunik Marz (region), festival of wine in the village of Areni of the Vayots dzor Marz (region) have become traditional. Visiting Armenia, you will get an opportunity not only to admire the material values made by the Armenian nation, but also to taste delicious Armenian dishes. For the sense of taste takes longest time to be forgotten…