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General information

The Republic of Armenia is a presidential republic. The RA President is elected for a five-year term and may be re-elected for a second term. The executive power is implemented by the Government of the Republic of Armenia. The Government comprises of the Prime Minister and the Ministers. The President of the Republic appoints the Prime Minister of the Republic based on the distribution of the parliamentary seats of the National Assembly and consultations with parliamentary factions. The President appoints the person, who enjoys the trust of the deputies’ majority, and if it is not possible, then the person, who enjoys the trust of more number of deputies. President of the Republic of Armenia appoints and removes the members of the Government nominated by the Prime Minister. The highest legislative body of the RA is the unicameral National Assembly. The National Assembly consists of one hundred and thirty-one deputies (41 of them are elected through the majoritarian system, and 90 – through the proportional system). The National Assembly is elected through popular vote for a five-year term. In the Republic of Armenia justice is administered only by Courts in accordance with the Constitution and laws. In the Republic of Armenia, the courts of general competence are: courts of the first instance, review courts and the Court of Appeals and specialized courts in cases stipulated by law. Constitutional justice in the Republic of Armenia is implemented by the Constitutional Court. According to the census of 2011, the population of the Republic of Armenia amounted 3.100.000 people, 98 percent of which are Armenians.