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Victor Hambardzumyan

Viktor Hambardzumyan was born on September 18, 1908, died on August 12, 1996. He is Armenian National Hero, however was awarded this honorable title not in a battlefield. Viktor Hambardzumyan is a distinguished astronomer and astrophysicist of our times, one of the founders of theoretical astrophysics. The works of Hmbartzumyan relate to the field of physics of stars and nebulae, stellar astronomy, dynamics of stellar systems and cosmogony of stars and galaxies, and mathematical physics. Hambartzumyan is the author of a principally new concept of cosmogony. He is the founder of the Byurakan Observatory. Viktor Hambardzumyan is a member of about thirty academies of the world, the author of numerous scientific discoveries and innovations. He was twice elected the President of the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU) (1966-1972), which was an exception, as under the rules of the Council the same scientist could not be elected president for the second time.