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The Republic of Armenia

The Republic of Armenia is a state in the South Caucasus. The total area of the State is 29,800 square kilometers. Armenia borders with Georgia in the north, Azerbaijan in the east, with the unrecognized Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh (NKR) in the south-east, with Iran in the south , with the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, which is part of Azerbaijan, in the south-west, and with Turkey in the west. The national flag of Armenia, the Armenian Tricolour (Yeraguyn) consists of three horizontal bands of red, blue and orange colours of equal width. The coats of arms of four Armenian royal dynasties such as Artaxiad (Artashesyan), Arsacid (Arshakuni), Bagratuni and Rubenid (Rubinyan) are depicted in the center of the coat of arms of the Republic of Armenia, on a shield. They surround the image of the biblical Mount Ararat, on the top of which the Noah's ark is depicted. A lion and an eagle, which symbolize the power of the spirit, power, steadfastness and courage, are depicted on both sides of the shield. The sword, which is depicted below, symbolizes the struggle of the Armenian people for freedom and independence, the feather and the wheat ears represent the hard working nature and the peacefulness of the Armenian people. The national anthem of the Republic of Armenia is the song "Our Fatherland" (in Armenian. "Mer Hayrenik"). The author of the lyrics is Mikael Nalbandian and the composer is Barsegh Kanachyan. The national currency of the RA is Dram of the RA (AMD), which has been in circulation since November 1993.