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The architect Tiridates

The name of the Architect Tiridates bounds to itself such treasures of the Armenian architectural mind, as the temple of St. Nshan (Holy Sign) of Haghpat, the church Katoghike of Argina (973-977), the church Gagkashen (built on the instructions of King Gagik Bagratouni) St. Grigor (St. Gregory) of Ani (1001-1010), St.. Amenaprkich (St. Saviour) of Sanahin monastery complex patriarshesky arginyl, Smbatashen walls of Ani (built by Smbat)... other distinguished buildings. He also rescued from destruction the Hagia Sophia of Constantinople. When the dome of the main cathedral collapsed during the earthquake in Constantinople, Tiridates was invited there to organize the restoration of the building, after unsuccessful attempts to restore it by several architects. He built the dome on four pilasters giving to it Armenian architectural style, and then he wrote Tiridates with Armenian letters on the arch. Restoration of the dome was completed in 994.