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Aram Khachaturian

Aram Khachaturian is one of the greatest classics of world music art. He brought the Armenian national music onto the world arena. Aram Khachaturian studied at the Moscow Conservatory. In 1939, he wrote his first ballet "Gayane". He had concert performances in more than 50 countries of the world. In 1956 was staged the famous ballet of Khachaturian "Spartacus" (Spartak) that brought him worldwide fame. The great composer died in 1978, in Yerevan. He is buried in the Pantheon of the Park after Komitas. On June 18, 2013, by the decision of the Director-General of UNESCO and based on the International Advisory Committee conclusion, the collection of note- manuscripts and film music of Aram Khachaturian were recorded in UNESCO's Memory of the World International Register at the session of the UNESCO “Memory of the World” Committee program.