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People and language

The official language of the RA is Armenian.

The Armenian language is a separate branch of Indo-European language family.

The Armenian language is spoken in the Republic of Armenia, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, in the southern regions of Georgia, which is mainly inhabited by Armenians, in the southern part of the Russian Federation, where many Armenians live and in Armenian diaspora (Spyurk).

According to one of the assumptions, it was Armenia that was the ancestral home of the Indo-European languages. The present Armenian alphabet was created by Mesrop Mashtots, in 405. The early medieval documents witnesses the existence of pre-Mashtotian writing. The alphabet consists of 39 letters and 36 sounds and expresses completely and perfectly the difficult phonetic system of the Armenian language.

The famous English poet of the 18th century, George Gordon Byron, spoke beautifully and neatly about the Armenian language: “Armenian is the only language to speak to God”.

Aram Khachaturian

Aram Khachaturian is one of the greatest classics of world music art. He brought the Armenian national music onto the world arena…

Pan-Armenian Games

Still thousands of years ago, long before the Olympic Games of ancient Greece (ancient Olympic Games), the Armenians held the Navasardyan (Navasard is the first month of the Old Armenian Calendar, corresponds to August) games, when the Armenian youth went on the hillside Npat in August and competed in different sports.
In our times, this beautiful tradition has restored…

Martiros Saryan

Today the paintings of Martiros Saryan adorn many prestigious galleries of the world, including the National Gallery of Armenia...

Sergei Parajanov

The art of one of the biggest filmmakers of the 20th century, Sergei Parajanov, has a universal human nature, he lived and worked in many countries, but his native land was one...

Tigran Petrosyan

Alongside with various achievements Tigran Petrosian is multiple champion of Armenia and the USSR, International Grandmaster, winner of numerous international competitions, ninefold winner of the Chess Olympiad in the USSR team and twice world champion...

The architect Tiridates

Not only many immortal Armenian architectural monuments are connected with the name of this architect, but also the world-famous Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (Istanbul).

Victor Hambardzumyan

One of the most eminent scientists of our times, whose work has been properly appreciated not only by the Armenian people, but also by the world community. His house-museum is located in Byurakan Observatory, which was founded by himself.

Golden Apricot

If you wish to visit Armenia in July, then you will have an opportunity not only to enjoy the hospitality of Armenians and admire the sights of Armenia, but also participate in the opening ceremony of Yerevan Film Festival "Golden Apricot", which is already famous in the world of cinematography, and watch tens of films in the performance and interpretation of world stars...