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The traces of medieval settlement Lastiver are located 5 km far from the village of Yenokavan of Tavush Marz (region), in the bosom of the virgin forests, in the Valley of Khachaghbyur River. Lastiver was an impregnable settlement, as was shielded by virgin forests, deep rocks and elevated caves, which the skillful hands of human being turned into a settlement and a place of worship - a temple. The river Khachaghbyur flows in a deep gorge, cutting hard rocks and dense forests rising up making waterfalls as they move ahead. Lastiver is a perfect recreation area for lovers of adventure, walking tours and ecotourism. Visiting Lastiver, you can even spend the night there; spending your unforgettable holiday at the campfire or in small tents that are set on the ground, on the tops of the rocks or on the trees.