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Tavush Marz (Region)

Tavush Marz (region) is situated in the northeastern part of the Republic of Armenia. The region borders with Georgia in the north, Azerbaijan in the east, Gegharkunik and Kotayk regions in the south and Lori region in the west.

Monuments ....


Dilijan is famous to the world for its rich mineral waters and sanatoriums. Summers are cool here and winters are soft, what is the best guarantee for organizing of your holiday. The surrounding countryside is rich with historical and architectural monuments.


This beautiful complex, which is located in a cozy corner of the Tavush Marz (region) is known not only as a spiritual and cultural center. It could be argued that the beginning of the medieval legal system is connected with Goshavank...


This majestic monastic complex of the 10th-13th centuries, located in the Marz (region) of Tavush, is awarded the admiration of many people for its architecture, exterior styling and beauty even today.


According to the legend, during the consecration of the church, many eagles were hovering over the church, hence the church got its name. It is one of the most important monastic complexes of the medieval Armenia.

Dilijan National Park

If you are fond of ecotourism, visit Dilijan National Park, which is located in the Marz (region) of Tavush and is one of the largest in the region. There you will encounter a variety of plants and animals of endemic species. Dilijan National Park is one of the sights of Armenia.


Lastiver is a perfect recreation area for lovers of adventure, walking tours and ecotourism. If you are tired of visiting historical monuments, just go to the village Yenokavan of Tavush Marz (region), where a two-hour walk will take you to the one of the secluded corners of nature of Armenia...